water treatment

Cooling Water Solutions

Water Solutions Engineering® offers several unique water treatment advantages:

  • All treatment programs are overseen by a degreed chemical engineer.
  • Objective performance parameters and goals are set with our customers up front and we live up to them (e.g., corrosion coupons in cooling loops to objectively monitor actual performance).
  • Integration of water treatment equipment with chemical programs to produce the most cost effective solutions. For example, in some cases, sidestream filtration can reduce biocide consumption sufficiently enough to produce a payback within 12 months. The equipment can be capitalized in the chemical cost or in an own-operate program, thereby avoiding capital investment
  • Engineered systems for recovering blowdown water for recycle in the cooling tower water treatment or elsewhere.
  • Compliance with State and Federal regulations. For example, we conform with regard to administering biocide treatment by maintaining a Charter and License to administer pesticide (biocide) programs according to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.
  • Preparation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP) plans for Legionella prevention. Such plans are mandatory in US Veterans facilities and when developed and implemented in your operation, can reduce liability should a Legionella case occur.
  • Use of biodegradable, environmentally friendly (Green) chemical programs.
  • Chemicals manufactured in an ISO certified facility.

Specific chemical programs are listed below:

  • Open Recirculating System Solutions:
    • Severely corrosive and deposition potential systems
    • Acid Feed
    • Phosphate, Polymer, Molybdate and Custom Blends
    • Air Washer
    • Various Metallurgy Protection
  • Closed Recirculating System Solutions:
    • Nitrite/Nitrate
    • Borate, Molybdate, Silicate
    • Low Conductivity System
    • Various Metallurgy
  • Once Through Cooling System Solutions:
    • Silicate
    • Phosphate/Orthophosphate

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