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Boiler Water Solutions

Water Solutions Engineering® is unique in that we can integrate boiler water treatment equipment with chemicals to produce better results than either solution on its own. This combined solution is typically offered at a fixed price per month or price per 1000 gallons of make-up water so there is no capital investment required.

For example, utilization of water softeners , dealkalizers or reverse osmosis may enable the boiler to operate at much higher cycles of concentration, drastically reducing the blowdown of very hot water to sewer. Energy savings often result in payback of under one year.

Our offerings include a wide range of chemicals, feeders and controllers, chelant programs and corrosion prevention to tailor an effective treatment program for any boiler:

  • Fuel Treatment Solutions: emulsifier additives, sludge solubilizers, deposit inhibitors.
  • Internal Boiler Treatment Solutions: all organic, phosphate, chelant, all polymer, phosphate/polymer blends, alkalinity boosters.
  • Oxygen Scavenging Solutions: powder & liquid sulfite, catalyzed sulfite, decharacterized sulfite for USDS/FDA approval, organic DEHA and hydrazine.
  • Condensate Treatment Solutions: DEAE, morpholine, cyclohexylamine, custom blends.
  • Boil Out Solutions
  • Foaming Solutions
  • Lay-Up Solutions
  • USDS & FDA Regulated Solutions
  • Chemical metering pumps, day tanks, mixers, monitors, controllers, automatic blowdown controllers, remote monitoring and data logging capability

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Did you know? A boiler with just a 1/2 inch of scale requires 70% more fuel to keep the boiler heated!