chemical water treatment

Chemical Water Treatment

Chemical water treatment typically consists of adding numerous types and sometimes excessive amounts of chemicals necessary to overcome poor water quality in the attempt to achieve acceptable performance from water systems.  The key to our chemical water treatment programs is to first provide and maintain the best possible water quality through physical water treatment, followed by chemical treatment to enhance the performance of water; rather than combat poor water quality with an abundance of chemical.

Water Solutions Engineering™ provides chemical water treatment solutions and physical water treatment equipment for water systems in which preventing corrosion, scale, microbiological growth, and reducing overall water and energy consumption is a priority. Water Solutions Engineering™ relies on our experience and expertise to design total water solutions for its customers utilizing the latest technologically advanced industrial wastewater treatment equipment and a wide variety of environmentally friendly (Green) chemical water treatments.

A Comprehensive Industrial Water Treatment Program

Combining chemical water treatments with physical industrial water treatment equipment is an effective means of protecting industrial equipment from scaling and corrosion. A comprehensive water treatment program that integrates chemical and physical industrial water treatment methods can reduce energy costs, control microbiological growth and limit workplace exposure to hazardous substances.

Chemical Water Treatment

Chemical corrosion inhibitors, antiscalents and chelating agents offer an effective means of overcoming the effects of minerals in feedwater. However, these water treatment chemicals are limited in their ability to minimize blowdown from boilers and cooling towers, or reduce boiler energy consumption.

In addition, chemical treatment for water is not always the most efficient or environmentally friendly means of industrial water treatment. The presence of high concentrations of dissolved minerals requires a substantial consumption of chemicals and may produce a considerable amount of sludge. Water treatment chemicals can also pose disposal problems, and handling and storing the chemicals for water treatment poses regulatory and safety risks for staff.

Integrating Chemical Water Treatment with Physical Water Treatment Equipment

Integrating a chemical water treatment program with physical industrial water treatment equipment requires specialized knowledge spanning both disciplines. In order to produce the most cost effective water treatment solutions, and to ensure compliance with State and Federal chemical regulations, a degreed chemical engineer should be hired to oversee all water treatment programs.

When properly implemented, a combined chemical water treatment and industrial water filtration program can reduce chemical costs, minimize chemical handling and discharge issues, and limit workplace exposure.

For example: Using reverse osmosis to reduce dissolved solids in boiler feedwater can dramatically reduce blowdown, saving thousands per year in energy costs; and pretreating boiler feed water with a water softener minimizes scaling and fouling, reducing the cost of chemical antiscalents.

Experts in Chemical Water Treatment and Industrial Water Filtration

When it comes to industrial water filtration, one size does not fit all. Let the degreed chemical engineers at Water Solutions Engineering™ custom design an economical and effective solution to meet your specific industrial water treatment needs! Call Us Today! (423) 676-3035